Now Playing on My iPod

First, a confession… I still don’t have a real iPod. I do use an iPod shuffle when working out, but I’m too frugal to buy one of the 5G iPods like I really want. Anyone have a spare $450 to give me? 🙂

I’ve been seeing a lot of news articles about the new Godcasting phenomenon (e.g. 1, 2, 3, & 4). While it’s not really that terribly new, people are slowly catching on to this cool new resource.

So, in light of the old profiles where you’d tell what is currently playing in your CD changer, I figured I’d tell you my current, favorite podcasts.

God Tech
God in Tech
Blogging Church
Mayberry Driven Church

Grace Community Church
Seacoast Church
Ginghamsburg Church
Daybreak Church

Security Now
MacBreak (video)
Wired News Podcast
CNET Daily News
NPR: Technology

CNN News Update
NPR: 7AM ET News Summary

Service Planning

I was discussing our planning process with some other church leaders a couple of weeks ago. They were shocked when I mentioned that we had our service topics planned out for a full year. I explained that we hadn’t always worked that way, but that we’ve found value in letting the Spirit lead our planning. We fully believe we can be Spirit led months in advance just as easily as being led by the Spirit at the last moment.

Anyway, Anthony Coppedge recently wrote an article on this very concept and shares some practical tips of how to make this more practical.
How to plan worship well in advance