Heavenly Starbucks

PeppermintMochaI’ve always secretly rolled my eyes when Starbucks fanboys have raved about their coffee. Sure, they serve up a great experience and blaze the trail in promoting their brand. But, incredible coffee? I’d rather pay 1/3 the price somewhere else.

That was until this evening. I just completed one of the most tantalizing beverages that I’ve ever experienced. Who could have imagined that a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha could have captured my tastebuds and provided an almost euphoric reaction? WOW! My life has changed.

Excuse me, but I have to run back to Starbucks for a couple more Tall Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas.

Yahoo Pipes

OK, I mentioned Yahoo Pipes back a few months ago, but never had really created anything with it till yesterday. I was trying to figure out how to sort, combine, and limit the number of items in some existing RSS feeds I manage. Enter Yahoo Pipes.

Pipes lets you do some powerful things with RSS feeds and other web content.

Check out my first three pipes:

This seems very powerful. I want to see about creating some other custom feeds from various sources.

Timeless Wisdom from a 12 Year Old

Check out this video from a phone call from a 12 year old boy named Logan. He lives on a cattle ranch in rural Nebraska.

(I promise that I’m not going to simply turn this blog into just a posting of videos, but I thought this one was very special.)

Can you identify with Logan’s loss and insight?