New Haircut

OK, I’ve been considering trying to cut my own hair for a few years, but I’ve been too scared to. Well, that was the case. Last night I decided to give it a try.

I think it turned out OK, but I think I can do a better job next time now that I’ve got some experience with it. One thing I learned is that I really do need some better hair clippers than what I used. It was really hard getting the hair even with my cheap clippers that are designed mostly for facial hair.

I was using this hair style as a guide and I think it came out close. I’d rather cut my hair like Matt Damon or Paul Walker, but I don’t think that’s possible with my receding hair line. 🙁

Let me know if you have any haircutting or styling advice for me. I think I can improve on this next time.

Lunar Eclipse Photos

I was able to catch a few minutes of tonight’s lunar eclipse. It’s incredible how creative and beautiful our universe is created such that events like this even happen. And the predictable orderliness that allows this to be predicted simply blows my mind.

Here’s what it looked like from my driveway between 9:15-10:00p CDT:

Voting Smart Tomorrow

So, tomorrow is Super Tuesday and I have yet to determine who to vote for in the Presidential election.  I’ve personally narrowed it down to the following four on the Republican ticket, but I have significant concerns about each of them:

  • Mike Huchabee (poor foreign policy & he’s from Arkansas)
  • John McCain (generally distrust him)
  • Ron Paul (not diplomatic and extreme)
  • Mitt Romney (immigration & general distrust)

Here are a few voting resources I’ve come across today that I found valuable:

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any voters guides that are unbiased.

How are you deciding who to vote for in the primary elections?  Have you found any useful guides for comparing the candidates?

Will the Super Bowl Happen?

…or will I be lynched by an angry mob of 100 football fans when they show up Sunday and discover we can’t get FOX?

So, last night I headed over to the church tech booth to hook up the HDTV receiver and make sure everything was working fine for Sunday.  Everything looked like it was going great till I tried to tune into FOX.  “Huh, the HD signal from FOX must be weak here.” So, I tried to tune it in on an old fashion VCR.  “Uh oh. No signal at all!”

Well, hopefully it’s just an issue with the antennas up on the roof and they just need to be reaimed slightly.  Unfortunately there’s about 8 inches of snow up there.

I wonder if I could convince a roomful of football fanatics to watch the Biggest Loser instead of some silly football game.  🙂