Giant Crosses

So, I’ve seen 3 giant crosses along US interstates over the past couple of years. I’ve been curious about them and recently someone at church was talking about them. So, I decided it was time to find out about them. It turns out the one closest to my house is the tallest.

Effingham, IL

Groom, TX

Edmond, OK

Castro Valley, CA

And for a little context, the tallest cross in the world…
Valle de los CaĆ­dos

  • near Madrid, Spain
  • height: 500 ft 152.4-meters)
  • built: 1940-1959

Have you seen any of these in person OR do you know of other huge crosses like this?

Coming next… Colossal Statues of Jesus. (not really)

Addicted to Google Reader

I started using Google Reader about 1 month ago to be a central spot for everything I read online. As a firm believer in RSS feeds for a couple of years, I’d explored Google Reader back when it first was introduced, but didn’t really find it all the useful or powerful.

But now that’s different. Google Reader has matured into a powerful RSS reader, while RSS and XML feeds have become much more prolific. After a bit more exploring this weekend, I’m finding that I don’t need to leave Google Reader to catch up on any of my online reading.

A Few RSS Reader Tips
So, besides subscribing to the normal blog and news feeds that most people are aware of, here are some additional things I’m doing with RSS feeds in Google Reader.

YouTube Videos



Bible Reading

Google News

Yahoo Pipes
I’m not using Pipes yet, but the idea of easily programming applications and feeds via this interface intrigues me. I want to keep my eye on this tool.

Anyone else have any RSS feed tips that help them with managing your daily flow of information?

Worship Podcasts

Here are some podcasts that have been grabbing my attention recently.

Worship Sets: South OKC: Tulsa:
Mars Hill Music:

Video Podcasts:
Don’t Waste Your Life:
Mars Hill: