Voting Smart Tomorrow

So, tomorrow is Super Tuesday and I have yet to determine who to vote for in the Presidential election.  I’ve personally narrowed it down to the following four on the Republican ticket, but I have significant concerns about each of them:

  • Mike Huchabee (poor foreign policy & he’s from Arkansas)
  • John McCain (generally distrust him)
  • Ron Paul (not diplomatic and extreme)
  • Mitt Romney (immigration & general distrust)

Here are a few voting resources I’ve come across today that I found valuable:

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any voters guides that are unbiased.

How are you deciding who to vote for in the primary elections?  Have you found any useful guides for comparing the candidates?

Blogs I Read

In response to Dave’s blog entry, I decided to detail some of the top blogs and RSS feeds that I read each day.

God Related:


Geek Stuff:

Several Friends & Family

with news about children, health battles, and life in general

General News:

Do you have any blogs or RSS feeds that you recommend?