Informed Voting for Illinois Primaries

I today’s modern information world, why is it still so hard for us to find useful information about who we are electing.  After spending a few hours searching around, I did find a few resources somewhat useful in helping me research some candidates for tomorrow’s primary election.  Below are the resources that I found useful to Illinois voters (and specifically in Champaign County).

Preview Your Ballot

Like many counties around the state, you can preview your exact ballot online at the Champaign County Clerk’s website.

Candidate Information:

Voters Guides:

Once again, I didn’t find any voters guides that were unbiased and impartial. The only voter guide that I could find online for the Illinois primary was from Illinois Family Institute (Champaign Guide). This is still a useful guide, though it is biased.

Personal Word of Caution: If you are voting the Republican primary ballot tomorrow, please consider not voting for Mark Kirk. Even though he is the predicted favorite, his voting records do not follow those of average Republicans. Please research all your candidates, even if they are predicted to win.

How about you?  Do you have any other voting advice, insights, or resources?

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