Healing and Wholeness at Christmas

In the last couple of days I’ve really been struck with the reality that my faith is hypocritical. I look at so many hurting lives around me and honestly believe that those lives could be miraculously made whole and complete by God. He longs to bring complete hope, healing, and restoration to His children who are hurting. I want to see that continue in the lives around me.

But, sometimes in my own life and those that are closer to me, I don’t honestly expect God to show up such miraculous ways. I get used to the hurting and brokenness that faces me regularly and have almost given up on the idea of God fixing those issues. I notice myself internally voicing the following kinds of things:

  • “Well, that’s just the way Joe is. He’s been sexually abused when he was young, and he’ll always react in bad ways when he’s hurt or confused.”
  • “Since, Mikey is young and been brought up in a dysfunctional home, I shouldn’t expect him to be as mature as other kids. He’ll always be that way.”
  • “I’ll always suffer from the hurt and rejection from a couple of years ago. I just have to be tough and not let that hurt bring me down at times like the holidays.”

But, wait a minute. Didn’t I say that Jesus wanted to bring ‘hope, healing, and restoration to His children’? Isn’t He the blessed redeemer? Didn’t He come to seek and save the lost? Didn’t He come to bring healing and wholeness?

My king can bring healing to Joe, Mikey, and me.

Lord, continue to work in my life to bring healing and wholeness!

2 thoughts on “Healing and Wholeness at Christmas”

  1. Nicely said, Bill…and something that I can relate to.

    About a month ago I was looking for that video or sound clip…I’ve heard it a few times and I love it. I thought it was TD Jakes…but this doesn’t sound like him.

    Thanks for posting…and thanks for the reminder…very timely.

  2. I agree that its easy to fall into a pattern of thinking that doesn’t reflect God’s capability for creating change in our lives. My situations seem hopeless and i appreciate the reminder to remember that with God, all things are possible. He often surprises me when I have been thinking that something will not change in a positive way. We serve an all powerful God and its humbling to recognize when i have put him in my small box.

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