3 thoughts on “TwitterPod”

  1. This past week moved from TwitterPod to NatsuLion for doing my quick work log updates. NatsuLion is a bit simpler than TwitterPod and is slightly easier to use when I have it set to prompt me for an entry every few minutes.
    Then, I also started using my public Twitter feed, updating it via my IM client, Adium. My public Twitter feed is visible on my blog.

  2. For the past few months I’ve been using NatsuLion for my work status tweets. I’ve setup a cron job on my Mac to prompt me with NatsuLion every 15 minutes during the day for a work update. Then, since IMs have been broken with Twitter for several months, I’ve been using TweetDeck for my public tweets — http://twitter.com/billglick/ .

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