Life is an Epic Adventure

Occasionally I can step back from my life and take a look at it from a bigger picture.  Normally I’m experiencing it one day at time and I lose perspective of how the story of my life fits together.  In reality my life is like an epic novel or movie with many different plots and adventures that all weave together in a loose pattern to help me make a difference in my world.

Sometimes one chapter or book comes to a dramatic end and it’s hard to imagine how the next section could continue.  Recently I’ve been feeling a bit abandoned.  The woman I loved walked out.  My job could end anytime.  Another job opportunity that looked exciting never developed.  My close friend, mentor, and pastor has decided to quit his job and move away.  A couple close friends are drifting away.  Sometimes a chapter or book ends on an exciting cliff hanger.  Other times, they end without a sense of resolution and it’s hard to imagine how the next section can continue.

But, I know the writer of my story.  He’s the greatest author ever.  Why wouldn’t I expect the next section to move forward and the epic adventure to continue?  Is my author less skilled at writing a great epic than J.R. Tolkien or George Lucas?  Heck no!  Those are novice authors compared to my God.

While it’s a disappointing time in my story, I’m confident the next book will be even more exciting.  I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds!