Will the Super Bowl Happen?

…or will I be lynched by an angry mob of 100 football fans when they show up Sunday and discover we can’t get FOX?

So, last night I headed over to the church tech booth to hook up the HDTV receiver and make sure everything was working fine for Sunday.  Everything looked like it was going great till I tried to tune into FOX.  “Huh, the HD signal from FOX must be weak here.” So, I tried to tune it in on an old fashion VCR.  “Uh oh. No signal at all!”

Well, hopefully it’s just an issue with the antennas up on the roof and they just need to be reaimed slightly.  Unfortunately there’s about 8 inches of snow up there.

I wonder if I could convince a roomful of football fanatics to watch the Biggest Loser instead of some silly football game.  🙂