Lyric Background Videos using Music Visualization and VJ Tools

I have a hard time coming up with good visual backgrounds to go along with song lyrics. It seems like it’s easy to find backgrounds that are either boring, irrelevant, or distracting.

For a couple of years I’ve been thinking there has to be some way to have dynamically created animations to use as song backgrounds. Several months ago I came across some Quartz Composer animations that were controlled via sound. But, I hadn’t been able to figure out how to use any of these animations in real time with our presentation software.

So, finally last week I decided I was going to experiment with using some sound triggered Quartz Composer animations for song backgrounds. After a few hours I finally setup a video camera to capture my Mac’s screen animation and feed the video into our presentation software via a live firewire feed. It was clunky and awkward to control, but it worked and looked nice. Unfortunately, I only really found one useful Quartz Composer animation to use, Soundstream. So, I’m not ready to put it into regular use, but I proved it was worth exploring some more.

So, has anyone else used any music visualization or VJ software to create song backgrounds? Any advice you can share?

Worship Podcasts

Here are some podcasts that have been grabbing my attention recently.

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Video Podcasts:
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Now Playing on My iPod

First, a confession… I still don’t have a real iPod. I do use an iPod shuffle when working out, but I’m too frugal to buy one of the 5G iPods like I really want. Anyone have a spare $450 to give me? 🙂

I’ve been seeing a lot of news articles about the new Godcasting phenomenon (e.g. 1, 2, 3, & 4). While it’s not really that terribly new, people are slowly catching on to this cool new resource.

So, in light of the old profiles where you’d tell what is currently playing in your CD changer, I figured I’d tell you my current, favorite podcasts.

God Tech
God in Tech
Blogging Church
Mayberry Driven Church

Grace Community Church
Seacoast Church
Ginghamsburg Church
Daybreak Church

Security Now
MacBreak (video)
Wired News Podcast
CNET Daily News
NPR: Technology

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