Unplug and Relax

8:05a: The power goes out.
8:08a: The power comes back on.
8:10a: I discover that my internet access is still down.

I’m lost and confused.  How do I check my email?  How do I read my morning news?  How do I read my Bible?  How do I collect my thoughts?  How do I plan my day?

It’s kind of scary just how much I depend on my internet uplink.  I really do feel lost when I’m disconnected from the grid.

Seems like I’ve got two options… 1) go buy myself an iPhone, or 2) relax and chill out for a few minutes.  I’ll choose option 2 this time (until the deluge of email kicks back in).

One thought on “Unplug and Relax”

  1. Tornado Warnings and severe thunderstorms last night caused me to pause in turning on my computer when I got home from work.

    But I have to watch a movie on Netflix – nothing on tv and I need an easy distraction – so tired from a very hectic work week.

    But I want to check my calendar for tomorrow.

    I need to get some stuff done tonight on the computer!!
    I feel lost –
    since the weather report indicated that the weather would probably become easier in a couple of hours, I spent the time exercising and dusting, emptying garbage, picking up and cleaning up my apt.

    By the time the weather calmed down, I launched into my computer with a higher sense of accomplishment.

    I back up my calendar onto cd which isn’t that helpful if I don’t have a computer – da

    I’ve always tried to find the ultimate organizational tool – one that didn’t rely on technology – paper fold outs in a personally constructed leather unit has been a dream of mine for years – I don’t think I’ll ever fully lose that dream.


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