New Haircut

OK, I’ve been considering trying to cut my own hair for a few years, but I’ve been too scared to. Well, that was the case. Last night I decided to give it a try.

I think it turned out OK, but I think I can do a better job next time now that I’ve got some experience with it. One thing I learned is that I really do need some better hair clippers than what I used. It was really hard getting the hair even with my cheap clippers that are designed mostly for facial hair.

I was using this hair style as a guide and I think it came out close. I’d rather cut my hair like Matt Damon or Paul Walker, but I don’t think that’s possible with my receding hair line. 🙁

Let me know if you have any haircutting or styling advice for me. I think I can improve on this next time.

4 thoughts on “New Haircut”

  1. I like the do Lou. My wife cuts my hair but all she does is use one size of gaurd for the whole hair cut. Beyond that she refers me to the $14.00 Supercuts, which I still think is too expensive.

  2. Nick, I’m not sure whether a ‘do Lou’ is a compliment or not. 🙂 Sounds to much like Lou Henson’s toupee.
    I’ve gone to the same barber in Urbana for the past 10+ years, paying $10+ for my monthly haircuts. But recently the guy is getting old, jittery, and talks more than he cuts. I tried Supercuts back in December, but I wasn’t convinced they did any better than I could.

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