Voting Smart Tomorrow

So, tomorrow is Super Tuesday and I have yet to determine who to vote for in the Presidential election.  I’ve personally narrowed it down to the following four on the Republican ticket, but I have significant concerns about each of them:

  • Mike Huchabee (poor foreign policy & he’s from Arkansas)
  • John McCain (generally distrust him)
  • Ron Paul (not diplomatic and extreme)
  • Mitt Romney (immigration & general distrust)

Here are a few voting resources I’ve come across today that I found valuable:

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any voters guides that are unbiased.

How are you deciding who to vote for in the primary elections?  Have you found any useful guides for comparing the candidates?

One thought on “Voting Smart Tomorrow”

  1. Out of all the candidates, I really like Mike Huckabee the best. The problem is, I don’t like any of them enough to want to vote for them…

    It will definitely be interesting to see who wins the Presidency at the end of the year.

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